Etoro Review

Etoro Review – How Comfortable Should You Be When Signing up with This Broker?

As a trader, you have to be comfortable with the broker that you are about to sign up with. Well, there is a lot that you have to look at before you can feel comfortable signing up with a particular broker. There are many and each has something unique to offer. However, some brokers have made their name not only in their countries but also around the world. One such broker is Etoro, which has been providing trading services to its clients from all around the world for nearly 13 years now. It is considered one of the best and that’s hundreds of new traders join its trading platform every day.

Now, if you are thinking about signing up with this XTRgatescam broker, you have to be mentally comfortable. Every reason should convince you to sign up with it and not look for other options. For this reason, here is a detailed review of Etoro so you can understand this broker better and make an informed decision later.

Why You Can Be Comfortable When Signing up with Etoro

You Are Signing up with a Regulated Entity

That’s the first and the foremost factor that should matter to you and every other broker in the world. You cannot afford to sign up with an online entity and put money in your account when you are not even sure about its honesty and transparency. Of course, you have to have ways to know how honest a broker is with you and how protected your money will be if you deposit it in an account with that broker. The best way to know that is regulation. If you are looking at the right broker, you will easily find information about regulation. In fact, you should only consider regulated brokers when thinking about signing up.

A regulated broker gets monitored by well-known authorities in different countries for their financial activities. When a broker is regulated, you can rest assured that the money you have deposited in your accounts will not disappear all of a sudden some day with no one to answer. So, when it comes to Etoro, this broker gets regulated by three well-known regulating authorities, namely ASIC, FCA, and CySEC. These are three of the most renowned regulating authorities that you will often hear the name of when you search for online brokers. In most cases, brokers are proud that they are regulated by even one of these entities.

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Here, you have a broker that has obtained regulation from all three of the best regulating authorities. Now, there is nothing to fear when you deposit your hard-earned money in your account with this broker.

Trade Assets in Various Forms

You are going to love the fact that Etoro allows you to trade a variety of assets in many different formats. Even the best online brokers offer you only hundreds of assets for trading. On the other hand, you have Etoro offering you more than 2000 assets in many financial markets. What makes things even more interesting is that you can trade these assets in a variety of formats. For example, if you do not want to trade the asset in its true form, you can go with CFD or ETF trading. In this format of trading, you are holding a contract in your hand that reflects the value of the asset you want to trade, but you do not own that asset.

In addition to that, you have all the great assets from all around the world at your fingertips when you sign up with this broker. You can even trade cryptocurrencies, which are not available with most other brokers. You can trade ethereum, bitcion, cardano, ripple, stellar, and many other cryptocurrencies that have established themselves are reliable and stable digital assets in recent times. To sweeten things even more for traders, the broker offers some huge leverages on trading these assets. If you have a professional account, you can enjoy leverages of up to 1:400 on certain assets.

You Can Copy Trades from Experts

The biggest challenge for any trader when he/she jumps in the trading world for the first time is understanding how to trade, and making profits on every trade. That’s a huge challenge, and many traders fail to make any impact. They make mistakes, lose money, and return empty handed. However, there is something wrong with their basic strategies that they are not able to realize. What they need is someone on their side that can explain to them what trading is all about and how they can make profits. However, expert traders usually do not have time to explain things to others.

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That’s where copy trading comes into the picture. Etoro offers you copy trading feature, which means you can copy the trades of other traders and follow in their footsteps. Now, you are not copying the trades of just any other trader. You can look at the trading profiles of these traders to find out how successful they are, how much time they have spent trading, and which assets they are most successful with. Once you are sure about those details, you can copy their trades and make money just like them. In short, you do not have to make mistakes like other new traders and lose your money.

Make Investments

There is something more you can do with this broker other than trading. Yes, you can open an investment account with Etoro and make money on your investments without paying anything to the broker in the form of commissions. If you have seen other brokers, there are some that offer you investment options. However, you will hardly find one that lets you invest in stocks without charging you any commissions. This exception has been made by this broker.

In most cases, the brokers try to tell you that they are offering you professional services to make money on your investments. They tell you that they have teams that are working on your account to create a strategy for you to earn profits on your trades. In short, they are convincing enough to make you pay a commission on your trades. On the other hand, Etoro provides you with the same services without charging any commissions. So, if you are looking to make investments in stocks from around the world, you should definitely consider signing up with this broker.

There are many additional benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to invest with this broker. First of all, when you enter trades and make profits, every penny from your profits lands in your account. In addition to that, you do not have to play within any limits. With most other brokers, you usually have a limit on how much you can trade within a specific period. On the other hand, you do not have any limits on your trading volume when you invest with this broker. You will also get all the help that you need to understand the best stocks and invest in the right ones. The broker is there for you on every step of the way, something that you usually do not get from other brokers.

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Use a Modern Trading Platform

When you sign up with one of the best brokers in the world, you know you are going to get the best in every aspect. When it comes to the trading platform, you will get the best here as well. First of all, you will be able to trade the way you want on this trading platform. If you like to trade on your computer, you can use it on your computer. However, if you want to trade on your mobile phone, you can do that without any hassle. The best thing is that you can download the trading platform on any phone e.g. Android and iPhone.

Features like one-click trading, real-time charts, etc. will make your life easier by allowing you to trade within seconds and without going through the learning curve. Now, when you trade with this broker, you do not have to put yourself and your money at risk every time. You can use the stop loss features while trading to minimize your losses and walk away with as much money as you can on your trades.

Get Proper Education on Trading

You need some training before you put your money and yourself into trading. You cannot trade blindly because that will make you lose money. You do not want to do that because many traders leave trading right in the beginning for this particular reason. They lose money right when they start and then they do not have the confidence to continue. You do not have to go through that situation when you learn properly. In addition ebooks and videos, which are offered by just about any online broker, you also have access to podcasts to learn trading.

You can always take advantage of video tutorials to learn trading and make money from your trades without losing too much. You will also get a daily market review, which will help you understand the sentiment in the market. Keep in mind that knowing the sentiment of the traders can always help you take the right decision.

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Final Thoughts

So, you know that Etoro is not just your regular online broker. This broker has some unique features to offer. If you want to go beyond trading, you should consider starting an investment account with this broker. Regardless of the type of account you open with the broker, you can always rest assured that you are with a regulated entity. Your money is safe, and so is your information that you provide on the website when you sign up with the broker.

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