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The Top 10 Websites You Can Trust for Forex Broker Review

Choosing a forex broker starts with a broker review. Of course, you can’t do an entire research on your own because it takes too much time. The best way to go about finding the best broker is to trust online reviews from experts. That’s an easy job because you now have hundreds of online websites providing you with details broker reviews so you can pick the best. However, which websites can you trust the most? Which websites provide you with the most relevant information from XTRgatescam? And which websites make information easily digestible for their readers?

Yes, you can review the reviewing websites as well. Once you know the best ones, you can always trust them for reading any broker review. So, here’s the list of the ten best websites that review forex brokers.

Top 10 Websites Providing Reliable Forex Broker Reviews


There is a lot you will like about this website. First of all, in addition to reviewing brokers, it also gives you a list of comparisons. So, if you are stuck between two brokers and can’t decide, you can visit the comparison section of the website and find out which one is the best. The reviews on the website are written professionally. In addition to complete reviews, you get to see an abridged summary of the best ones. So, if you do not have too much time, you can just go through the nested list and pick one that sounds the best.

The website provides a link to the actual broker website right with its name. Every broker review is objective and gives you some useful information. You can also find reviews of forex trading platforms on this website. Additionally, you can look at forex broker ratings for any year of your choice. In short, this website is great, not just for reading reviews but finding a lot of other useful information as well.


This is yet another broker reviewing website that you are going to admire for its detailed reviews and attention to the details that matter to traders. It has created some great categories for you to find the best broker. For example, you can find a broker from a list of new trader friendly ones. Or, if you are looking for a CFD broker, you can find one in the section that only talks about CFD brokers. It rewards the best brokers with badges, which is a nice gamification touch that encourages brokers to do great. Just like, it also provides you with broker comparisons.

The website does a great job of summarizing and creating a simple table of pros and cons in its reviews. This makes reading the information very easy. It gives its brokers ratings for every aspect and feature. For example, a broker might have a great rating for its customer service but not so great for the fees it charges its traders. Each broker review also includes a details chart of the assets that are available for trading. You can say that the ease of reading of its reviews is much better than that of the previous reviewing website.

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It keeps getting better as you continue to move down the list. The ways this website presents information is definitely laudable. You can select the “Forex Brokers” section on the website separately from the tabs on the top. Once you have done that, you land on the page with an interactive menu of different types of forex brokers. In this menu, you can find all types of brokers e.g. paypal brokers, MT4 brokers, Bitcoin brokers, etc. In short, a single click will lead you to the section that matters to you the most.

Forex-Ratings also serves as a great platform for some useful information for traders. For example, you can find a variety of currency converters on the website. It also provides you with ample training on how to trade.


Right from the name you can tell that this website is all about brokers. If you want to read a broker review, there is a dedicated section on the website for reviews, which also means that there are many other sections on the website for your help as a trader. The way it presents the information about the brokers is amazing. It creates these small horizontal boards that give you a detailed look into everything that the broker has to offer. From minimum spreads and bonuses to the leverages offered by the broker, you will find all the information on the card before even reading the full review.

One of the great things about the website is that it automatically provides you a list of brokers based on your location. In other words, all the brokers you see reviewed on the website provide their services in your country.


The website of this reviewer is not the most attractive to be honest. They should definitely work on making the website more attractive. Other than that, you can find a lot of useful information on the website and make an informed decision before picking a broker. The menu to simplify your search has been moved to the left of the screen. You can click on the type of brokers whose reviews you want to see. Before reading the complete broker review, you can use the cards on the website that give enough information about the broker visually.

The menu on the left allows you to search your brokers based on the trading platforms, funding methods, and instruments they offer. You can also filter them based on the areas and regions they serve.


This website can be a bit overwhelming. There is just too much going on as soon as you land on the main page. Yes, it is true that finding the information you need can be a bit of a task on this website. However, this website is not all about reviewing brokers. In addition to broker reviews, it is also a news hub where you can find all the financial news from around the world. If you want to search broker reviews, you have to choose the “BROKERS” option from the menu on top. It lists down some featured brokers as well.

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The menu to simplify and filter your search is located on the left side with this website as well. The main pieces of information you can find on the nested cards before you read the reviews can tell you the rating, number of user reviews, regulating authorities, minimum deposit info, and the year of inception of the company.


There is not a lot of information on this website. If you compare it to other reviewing websites on the list, you can say this one is a little basic. However, if you are looking for a broker review, you can find plenty here. The best thing is that despite being a basic website, it does have a section where you can compare the brokers. The review page contains a quick menu as well, so you can click on the name of any broker and land right on its review. The one thing that makes this website unique is that it gives space to user reviews as well. If you think your favorite broker is not there listed on the website, you can comment and have it included.


This website is all about forex brokers and their reviews. There are not bells and whistles here. The website looks pretty basic and static, but you should not be bothered about those details because all you need is a detailed broker review, and that’s what you are going to find here. It has probably one of the longest tables that contains 100 different brokers and their ratings. You can find a lot of useful information right inside the table. You can know the broker’s name, the company that operates it, and the regulating authorities.

The website is all about Forex brokers, no other types of brokers have been reviewed on it. You can use the menu on the left side to filter your searches.


FXDailyReport provides you with a lot of knowledge about the brokers it reviews. The website is simple but contains a lot of information that can be helpful for every new trader. You can use the website not only for reading reviews but for getting help with your trades as well. It has separate sections on the website for different types of assets. When you click on the name of the asset from the top menu, you land on a page that contains news and analytical information about that particular asset.

The table of brokers contains a lot of information about each broker, which at times leaves no room for reading the detailed broker review. Leverage, spread, minimum deposit, bonus, regulation, etc. details are all there right on the table.


That’s quite a long name for a website, but at least conveys the message pretty clearly. You know what the website is all about, and the creators have done a great job of putting together some useful information for traders from around the world. The best thing about this website is that it helps you find a broker based on your needs. Just tell it about your level of experience as a trader and the location you come from and it will find the best broker for you based on those details.

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It also has those long horizontal cards that contain a lot of information about the broker so you do not feel the need to read the full broker review. The website is dedicated to forex traders, brokers, and information. You can use the comparison menu to compare various brokers too.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are a new trader looking for the best online broker, the above list should help you find the best one. The hard work that you had to do to find a great broker has already been done by the websites mentioned above. The best thing is that you do not even have to read the complete broker reviews to know about them. The visual information and detailed tables on these websites help you find out a lot about a broker before even reading the review.

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