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The Three Best Brokers for Trading Cryptocurrencies

Are you one of the adventurous groups of traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies more than any other asset? If yes, you should start searching for the right broker without any delays. You have to keep in mind that cryptocurrency trading is not for everyone. That applies not just to traders but brokers as well. Some brokers that have been around for several years have still not been able to muster up the courage to offer cryptocurrency trading to their traders. The market is volatile and that’s what scares many brokers from including digital currencies on their asset indexes.

However, there is no dearth of brokers that provide you with the opportunity to trade your favorite crypto coins. In this article, Xtrgatescam brings you a list of the three best so you can save your time and pick one of these to start your cryptocurrency trading career.

The Three Best Cryptocurrency Trading Brokers Reviewed

1.  XTRGate

This has to be the first one on our crypto brokers review because of the many features exclusive to it. So, as stated earlier, when you wish to trade cryptocurrencies, you should only consider brokers that provide digital currency trading. You have many online platforms where you can find just about any asset that you can think of e.g. oil, gas, copper, silver, gold, cocoa, sugar, stocks, indices, etc. However, these platforms can be very distracting for you if you are just looking for an opportunity to trade digital coins. A platform like XTRgate is perfect for you because it provides you with only cryptocurrency trading.

Whether you want to trade bitcoin, ethereum, or ripple, you can trade any of these cryptocurrencies on the platform from this broker. Not to forget, since you trade CFDs of these assets, you will be able to take advantage of some great leverages as well. At the moment, you can get leverage of 1:5 on your digital currency trades. You can choose from a variety of accounts and trade with confidence that the broker has proper SSL certificates and encryptions in place.

2.  AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a major trading platform that’s known around the world. What you are going to like about this broker is that it gives you access to other markets as well. If you want, you can trade commodities, forex, and other assets with it. As for cryptocurrency trading, you have a variety of pairs to trade. You can trade digital coins on its trading platform at any time of the day. You will always have the peace of mind that your broker is fully regulated, not just in one country but in half a dozen jurisdictions around the world. The only problem is that you will not be able to get enough leverages on trading cryptocurrencies with this broker.

This is exactly why you should consider signing up with brokers like XTRgate. If you are looking for higher leverages so you can amplify your profits, XTRgate is a much better option than AvaTrade.

3.  EToro

Etoro is a great trading platform but the approach of this broker is completely different from the rest. It is not focused on trading, but social trading. Social trading is when you follow in the footsteps of other expert traders in the market. You follow their signals and trading strategies to make profits right from the start. However, the biggest disadvantage of this service is that many new traders stay illiterate about trading. They keep relying on other traders for every step they take in the trading world. And for that reason, they do not learn trading on their own. In short, their confidence is never as good as other self-relying traders in the market.

There is no doubt that this platform will provide you with access to more cryptocurrencies than most other trading platforms. However, you can’t be sure if this broker has the best spreads in the industry.

Final Thoughts

You have to make your decision after proper thinking. Do not be hasty in your decision to start trading cryptocurrencies. What you do today with your money can make you or break you. There is nothing wrong with spending some hours in researching the best brokers. Or, you can rely on the list that we have provided you and sign up with one of the brokers stated above. Of course, you are not being asked to put your personal research and satisfaction aside. You can open the websites of these brokers and make your decision purely yours.

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