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Forex Trading Scam Instagram – The Things They All Have in Common

Forex trading scam Instagram is a term you will hear more often than you would want. Yes, there are people on this social network who have started to rob people of their money through a variety of tactics. The problem, many people have already become their prey. While those who become the prey get nothing, these scammers get rich by the day with XTRgatescam. If you are active on social media, you are surely going to encounter a scammer of this nature one of these days. Your job is only to identify them and tell others about them as soon as possible to save millions from getting scammed.

Here are the things that are common in all forex trading scam Instagram perpetrators.

Things Every Instagram Forex Tradig Scam Has in Common

·         They Target Young Minds

The first thing you will notice about them is that they are always targeting young minds. You have to know that it is young people who are always filled with hope, zeal, and dreams. When they see an opportunity of becoming rich, they just want to hold on to it as soon as possible. That’s the kind of thinking these scammers take advantage of. You have to think about why scammers would choose a social network like Instagram for their work. It is clear that Instagram has a lot of young people from around the world on it at all times.

When you see these scammers on the social network, you will notice that their followers are usually young girls and boys. They talk them into believing that they can build empires by being a part of the forex trading world. Yes, there is no doubt that one can become a millionaire through forex trading and any other form of trading at that, but doing so requires a lot of hard work and time. You can’t just step in the trading world and expect to become a millionaire within a few days. However, Instagram scammers want you to believe that you can make money without doing anything and in no time at all.

·         They Are Young Themselves

Another thing you will notice about these scammers is that they are young themselves. Most of them are young boys and girls who have not even passed their teenage years. Of course, that is what the scam is all about. They have to show their young followers that they can make money at a young age without doing much. And they stand as proofs of the theory. They try to prove their richness in many different ways. They have the power of Instagram behind them. They can show videos and pictures to their followers to show them how rich they are.

When young people see other young people being filthy rich through forex trading, they think to themselves that they definitely have a chance too. In reality, the person who is showing him/herself as the filthy rich person is not rich at all. These young people have learned ways to show themselves as young kids in their pictures. They hire professional photographers, designers, and stylists to do everything for them and let the social network do its work. As more and more people start to know about the young rich guy/gal, the scam starts to bear fruit.

·         They Make Things Look Easy

One of the biggest scams that many online scammers pull off is that they prove to the innocent minds that a certain activity is easy. For example, since the inception of the internet, many people have lost their money in hopes of getting jobs. They are promised by strangers on the internet that they can work from home and make thousands of dollars every single day. The next step for the victim is to sign up on some website and pay a small amount for the signup. This small amount is what the scammers earn. But when they make this money from hundreds of thousands of individuals, their accounts fill with millions of dollars.

You will notice the same about these scammers on Instagram. They make things look easier than they are. Of course, they have to prove to their followers that they can make money without even doing anything. They explain some basic concepts of Forex trading and let the immaturity of these young individuals do the rest of the trick. It is not difficult to come up with some pseudo terminologies to impress people who have no clue of how trading in the forex market works. Even if the scammer is using the right terms, you can’t really make your decision just because someone is using some jargon from a particular industry.

The idea is to prove that forex trading is as simple as seeing the price of a particular asset going up and then placing a trade on it. On the most basic level and in books, that’s exactly what you have to do. However, when you step in the practical world, things are quite different. There are many other concepts that you have to wrap your head around before you can start trading. Not to mention, just because a particular asset is going up in price does not mean you can trade it and make money off it. There are many other factors that you have to look at before taking a particular position in trading.

The value of an asset might be going up in the morning, but it may start coming down abruptly by evening. How does that happen? Well, you have to look at factors like the volume of trading. If an asset is rising in value but you see that the volume of trading is diminishing with time, you can expect the price to come down. In a similar way, many other factors are playing their role in deciding the value of a particular asset. Things are not as simple as they might seem on paper or in the words of these Instagram forex scammers.

·         They Pose with Cars

That’s one thing you will instantly notice about these scammers. They all like to pose with their cars. What you do not realize is that having a car does not mean you are rich. You do not see Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos posing with their cars. That’s because when you are filthy rich, you are not really interested in posing with cars. Even if you like cars, you do not feel the need to pose with the car and show the world. If you have the desire in your heart to pose with a car, it simply shows that you do not own one. Or if you own the car, then you own that car only and you might have spent a fortune to get it.

One of the best things about real traders is that you cannot even spot them on the internet. They keep a very low profile, and that’s why you never get to know about them. They like to keep their strategies a secret because they know that the trading world is very fast and intelligent. As soon as they disclose something, someone else would take advantage of that. For this reason, these individuals are usually absent from social networking websites. Even if they are on social networks, they seldom brag about their trading skills and how much money they make money while trading. You can expect that behavior from only two people: one, people who have just started trading and have won some money with a fluke, and two, people who have no clue what trading is but they like to show off because they are creating a plan to rob people of their money.

·         They Always Spread Negative Things

You will hardly ever hear anything constructive or helpful from them. They usually talk in a negative tone. Keep in mind that what they say might not sound negative, but the tone is what you have to pay attention to. For example, they will usually imply that you should not let anyone be your boss. The message is quite a good one, but what they are trying to insinuate is that you should quit your job and invest whatever money you have in trading. In short, they want you to trust them with your money so you can give the money to them and ask them to trade on your behalf and make you money.

In addition to that, you will notice that they like to boast about things in a very negative manner. They will show pictures of themselves on mountains sitting on the roof of their cars. Sometimes, they might even flip the bird in the picture just to show that they do not have to care about anyone because they make a lot of money. The message is clear to the young minds that they should not care about anyone and just spend money on trading. In a way, they are trying to say that you should spend money with them even if your parents in the house stop you from doing so.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with you dreaming of being a rich person. There is nothing wrong with you trying to be a millionaire through trading. However, there is definitely a lot wrong when you trust a stranger with your money without even having any proof in your hand. Dream big but keep your wisdom big as well. Make your decisions wisely and after proper consideration of everything. When you see that a young person is filthy rich, posing pictures of him/herself on Instagram, and constantly talking about easy ways of making money, you should steer clear.

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